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Crane Style band is one of the newest bands on the Charleston scene, comprised of an evolving group of artists bringing a cool, hip and smooth vibe that is sure to keep any party going and people talking! With waves of high-energy transitions, their notes strike and grab their listeners with intensity. Whether on keys or on the bass, their fluidity of rhythm can attack with elements of surprise. When infused with a little Neo-soul, mid-tempo Pop, and Island vibe, you get 'Lyrical Martial Art Music' called, Crane Style. 




Crane Style was created in November 2017 by musician Kelly Sanchez, who has a black belt in

Shaolin Kempo Karate and also studies a little Kung Fu.  With her martial art influences, the evolution

of Crane Style and its vision has morphed into an eclectic collection of band members creating unique and memorable experiences.  Tailoring the vibe and energy to the needs of each venue and audience, Crane Style can be seen with three to as many as seven band members on stage at one time. 


Those responsible for giving fans a diverse array of vocals, movement, and magic, are: 


Meet The Band


Kelly Sanchez (Vocals, Keyboard) 

David Sink (Guitar) 

Amire Solomon (Bass Guitar) 

Demario Kitt (Drum set) 

Karl Anderson (Drum set/percussion) 

Laurin McGee (Saxophone) 

Jamal Hall (Saxophone) 

Chris Shecut (Saxophone) 

Mike Miller (Guitar) 


The CS movement is felt not only in the arc of their songs but throughout the entire show, from beginning to end. Their new 5 song EP release slated for June 23, 2019, is sure to enhance the vibe on anyone’s playlist! Crane Style is located in Historic Charleston, SC, the #1 Travel Destination awarded by Conde Nast. They’re available for weddings, anniversaries, music venues, concerts, and special occasions.

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